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You will find the answers to many common questions here.
Please check the FAQs first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Sales Questions

What is "web hosting"?
What is "bandwidth"?
How do I move my existing site to Selltech Hosting?
Which top-level domains do you support?
How soon is my new account set up?
Where should I register my domain name?
Can Selltech register my domain name for me?
DNS registration information
Do you offer site design?
Novel uses for web space
Does Selltech Hosting allow adult, warez or other illicit sites or content?
What defines an "Adult" site?
Do I need a plan with a dedicated IP address?
IMAP / POP email

Hosting Plans

Can I host a business site on the "personal" plan?
Can I have chat rooms and forums on the "Personal" plan?
Shared SSL (secure server)
Can I get my own secure certificate? How?
Accessing data collected securely
Can I resell space within a plan?


Money-back guarantee
Payment Options
How can I change my hosting plan?
How do I cancel my account?
Extra Bandwidth charges

Control Panel

SSH / Telnet
Shopping carts
Mailing list tips
Creating FTP accounts / directories
Space used
Reading POP accounts with webmail


Installing custom CGI scripts
Path to SendMail
Path to PERL
Will ikonboard work? May I install it?
Do you support web log software like Moveabletype or Graymatter?
Do you support ASP or JSP pages?
Important security information

Technical Support

Where to upload your files
FTP Settings
Default "home" page
Browsing with a shared IP before the domain resolves.
Setting up mail accounts
Mail program setup
FrontPage extensions
Publishing to a new site with FrontPage
Physical path to account root directory
What is the "www" directory?
Do you support Server Side Includes (SSI)?
Understanding case sensitivity
Custom Error Pages
Editing files with the linux "vi" editor
Can I create FTP accounts with /home access?
Accessing webmail without going through CPanel

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