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What is web hosting?

What we offer is essentially a commodity, so our site assumes you know what web hosting is. But if you are unclear, the following might help:

Selltech Hosting provides computers that are connected to the internet with high-bandwidth Internet connections. These web servers are online and available 24x7x365. Clients publish their content (web site files, images, etc.) to their space on these servers and it is made available to the public, referenced by a unique domain name (

Who needs web hosting

Fortune 500 companies don't use web hosting providers...they have the dedicated Internet connections and computers to host their own sites. Web hosting providers such as Selltech Hosting serve the needs of small to medium sized businesses, and individuals, that don't have the equipment, connections or staff to maintain a web presence.

How it works

To begin hosting your web site, you would order one of our packages, ranging in cost from $5.95 to $19.95 per month. There are no setup fees. The main difference in the packages is the amount of disk space you have available to you, and the amount of bandwidth (data transfer to and from the servers by your visitors) included in your account. Most of the other differences are trivial, though the number of included mail accounts is another feature many people look at.

Once you have decided which package meets your needs and have ordered, we will send you an email with instructions on accessing your space to publish your files. You can create web content in an almost unlimited number of software programs, ranging from Microsoft Word to Trellix to more advanced editors like Dreamweaver.

You would need to register a domain name, or have us do it for you. This name is used to point to your space, and is the name you would use in referring people to your web site or to allow them to email you.

What to look for

As a commodity, it is important to choose a web hosting provider that gives you:

1) QUALITY. Generally this is measured in "uptime." Your web hosting provider should have servers that are available to your site visitors as close to 100% of the time as possible.

2) PRICE. This is get what you pay for, but you shouldn't pay through the nose for good web site hosting given the vast amount of competition.

3) SERVICE. This will make or break your hosting experience. You need a host that is responsive to your needs and easily contacted.

This is a very simplistic overview. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions on how web hosting works or why you should choose Selltech Hosting to host your web site.

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