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Extra Bandwidth charges

All of our accounts come with generous bandwidth allotments. It is rare that you will need more. However, if you do, it is always cheaper to upgrade your account than pay the "per GB" charge.

We WILL NOT disable your account if you exceed the bandwidth allowed under your plan. You do not need to worry that your site will be unavailable. You will be responsible for the additional bandwidth charges, as specified on our hosting plans page*. We charge for bandwidth on the first of the month, separately from the fee for your site.

Please note that actual bandwidth includes traffic that is not measured by the tool in the control panel. The numbers you see there only include HTTP, POP and FTP traffic. Mail sent from your account (SMTP) is not measured. This could mean that actual bandwidth usage will be higher than what is on the control panel, depending on the level of outbound mail or other traffic.

* Bandwidth is charged in "blocks" or portions thereof as specifed. We discount bandwidth for those exceeding 20GB total for the month, and purchases are made in larger blocks.

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