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What is bandwidth

Bandwidth is the amount of data transferred between the server and the client and visa versa.

As an example, for a simple web page with one medium sized graphic and a few blocks of text, about 2 kilobytes of text and maybe 50 kilobytes of image data are transferred.

This means that if this page were accessed on the server 38460 times, you would use 2 gigabytes of bandwidth. It could be pulled up 96154 times before you used up 5 gigabytes.

This is obviously simplified. Email counts as transfer also and counts against bandwidth in both directions. And if you put up a 1 megabyte file (music,PDF,graphic,etc.) for people to download, you could only download it about 2000 times within 2 gigabytes.

Our plans offer varying amounts of bandwidth to accommodate the need you anticipate for your site

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