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Space used

The amount of space allotted to your account can be viewed in CPanel, along with the amount used. Space used takes into account everything on the server "owned" by your account username.

Generally, the files in your public_html area (web pages, images) make up the largest portion of this space but if you notice it being used up more quickly than you expect, there are three other things that could be the cause:

Email. Email that is stored on our server is actually stored in the "mail" directory of your space. NEVER work with this directory manually. If you are not removing the mail from the server after you download or read it, this space will, of course, gradually increase.

Databases. Forums, guestbooks and other databases are counted as your space. These are not visible to you in your directory and might be overlooked when you are trying to figure out where the "large files" are.

Web logs. We rotate these logs monthly, so the space used by them will increase towards the end of the month, and then suddenly decrease. Usually, web logs don't take up very much room, but if you have a very busy site, this could be where some of your space has gone.

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