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Do I need a plan with a dedicated IP address?

Probably not.

Shared IP hosting is the standard, and HTTP 1.1 is mature enough to handle it so browser support is not a concern.

A dedicated IP address is only needed in two conditions:

1) You plan on purchasing an SSL certificate for encryption. These certificates require an account with a dedicated IP. You may use the server's shared SSL certificate without an IP, this only affects users planning on getting their own.

2) You have scripts that require a unique IP address or you have a site that you only want people to view by the IP address (ie

One additional inconvenience for Microsoft FrontPage users is that it is not possible to publish using the http: method in FrontPage before your domain resolves to your space with a shared IP. Once the domain resolves, this is a non-issue, and you are able to use the ftp: method in the interim. This is a very minor point, mentioned here because it is indeed a "frequently asked question."

Because addresses are getting increasingly scarce, Selltech accounts use a shared IP address. This will work for almost all clients. If you prefer to have a dedicated IP address, please contact us.

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