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Setting up mail accounts

There are a couple of ways to configure your mail accounts. How you set it up will depend on how you want to handle your mail.

You have a specified number of POP email boxes with your account. You also have an unlimited number of email "alias" and forwarders.

There are two primary ways to setup your mail handling. The first way is to simply set up a forwarder. This may be perfect for you if you already check your ISP mail account and don't want to check another one. By simply forwarding mail sent to "" to "", you will get mail addressed to you at your current mailbox, but don't need to give out that personal address. The other nice thing about this method is that you do not use up one of your POP email boxes.

The other method, setting up a POP mailbox, means that mail sent to "" will go to an emailbox for "someone." The mailbox will store the mail until the person collects, or reads and deletes it.

You can collect and or read mail from POP mailboxes with many different client programs, including Outlook, Outlook express, Eudora, Pegasus, and even Yahoo mail and Hotmail!

Settings for the mail client program are available in this FAQ page.

Basicly, you put "" as the POP server and username as "" and password as set by you.

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