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Installing custom CGI scripts

Selltech Hosting' allows you to run cgi scripts on the servers, as long as they conform to our acceptable server resource usage policy. Any script that uses exceptionally high server resources (such as constant and excessive sendmail use) will have to be removed. Most CGI scripts will be fine.

CGI scripts should be put into the cgi-bin directory to be run. (This is required on all of our newer servers. Some of our older servers are configured to run any file with a .pl or .cgi extention as a script, even in the public_html directory. However, it is still good practice to put scripts into cgi-bin!)

Be sure that the folder and file permissions on any CGI scripts are set so that the "world" can execute them.

In addition, you must enable the CGI Wrapper in the CGI center of CPanel to allow your username to run scripts on the server. This wrapper allows your username to function as the "root" user for the purpose of running your custom scripts.

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