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How do I move my existing site to Selltech Hosting?

Every situation is different, but generally, there are 4 basic steps in moving your site from your current hosting company to Selltech Hosting.

1) Select and order your Selltech Hosting' hosting package.
2) Move the contents of your current site to your new space. Setup email accounts, forwarders, autoresponders, etc. This is also a good time to add improvements to your site, since the general public doesn't have access and testing is therefore easy.
3) Test your site in the new space to ensure everything works as you expect.
4) Change the nameservers for your domain at the registrar where your domain is registered. In 24 to 48 hours, your changes should start to take effect, as it takes time to propagate across the internet.

As soon as the nameserver change has taken effect, you can delete the space you have with your old web host

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