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Can I resell space within a plan?

Our prices are low to allow users to have their own accounts. We do NOT permit clients to resell space under their account (known as subdomain hosting).

However, since we can not know whether you are charging people for the use of a portion of your space, we want you to note the following important conditions:
bullet Selltech Hosting will NOT support sub-hosted clients. You must be our only contact on your account.

bulletYOU will be held fully responsible for all activities under your domain, including spam, bandwidth usage, etc. If a sub-hosted client violates our terms and conditions, you can lose your account. We can make no distinction between you and any subdomain hosted entities.

bulletIf we are made aware that you are charging people for space within your account, your Selltech Hosting account is subject to termination.

Please help us help you by encouraging your friends to obtain their own account with Selltech Hosting! They can get more features and better support working with us directly.

Please contact us is if you have questions regarding this policy.

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