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Latest Virus Information

MULTIPLE VIRUS ALERT: Over 20 email worms are making their way around the net today. These variants of the Netsky and Bagle viruses are also causing a worldwide slowdown in the delivery of mail. The viruses trick users into opening links or attachments. Some mail even appears to come from your own domain (this is a classic sign of virus). DO NOT OPEN ANY ATTACHMENT.

In order to defeat many anti-virus programs, the new worms hide in password-protected ZIP (archive) files...remaining largely undetected. DO NOT OPEN any zip file that requires a password provided in the email no matter what the message says it is regarding.

If you are getting messages bounced back to you that mention this virus, scan your computer immediately or check other computers that send email using your domain address.

The most recent tactic is to mention that an "account" / "mail server" / "access to something" is going to be unavailable or cancelled unless you follow the instruction. This is fake.

We have included information below to help educate you on the nature of the viruses, and a link to a free online virus scanner.

Free virus scan

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