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Editing files with the linux "vi" editor

For linux gurus only:

Some advanced users may choose to do some file editing using linux's built-in editor, "vi". We have installed the
VI IMproved - enhanced (vim) and this is the default when you edit a file with vi.

vim-enhanced has a number of nice additional features including syntax color coding, undo/redo and additional editing tools. There are a number of good resources on the net to learn to use vi, but start at

If the color coding bothers you, it can be turned off with the vi command

:syntax off

Turn it on using

:syntax enable

If the coloration is too light, it may be because you are on a dark or light background. You can specify which you are using with one of the following, which will change the color set to be more readable. The default on our servers is "dark"

:set background=dark
:set background=light

Using vi takes a lot of practice, but it can be a handy tool because it allows users to navigate through various commands and features like setting up broadband internet connection for computers and other related tasks. Something that can be advantageous in today's internet-dominated society.

NOTE: If you do plan on using vi to edit files, PLEASE be sure to properly exit the program to avoid "stopped" processes accumulating on the server.

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